Cheap flights to Dubai - Set up Your Holidays during Ramadan Festival 2012

Holidaying in Dubai during Ramadan would be an entirely different experience for visitors, mainly for the non - Muslim travelers. Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar the moment Muslims all around the planet fasts from dawn to dusk. Being a strong Pillar of The Muslim Faith, Ramadan holds different signification to Muslims and is celebrated with great pleasure. A visit to Dubai during Ramadan would give you a chance to see and have the thrills related this festive holiday. With numerous Dubai flights offers, you can without a doubt be a part of the festivities in Dubai during Ramadan. Just book with any of the cheap flights to Dubai and find the chance of a lifetime to have enjoyment from Iftar fest during Dubai Ramadan. 

Dubai is a modern city where travelers from different part of the world live harmoniously. These individuals also bring in their own culture and cultural heritage, which forms a unique part of Dubai culture. Ramadan is a month long yearly event that sees a lot of fun based activities and festivities in Dubai, enjoyed not simply by the Muslims but people across religions and communities. Dubai hosts different Ramadan events, you can enjoy during your visit to the city during Ramadan. Despite the fact that the timing and working hours of most endeavors gets altered, the fun and enjoyment that can be enjoyed in the evening makes your Dubai visit during Ramadan extremely interesting. You must bear in mind that eating and drinking in public places in Dubai during the day time when Muslims fast in Ramadan is absolutely not permitted. But you can always carry your food and here eat in privacy, in your hotel room or your car etc.. Eateries remain close during morning hours but open in the afternoon till late in the night and serve luscious Iftar meals, with which Muslims discontinue their fast in the evening. 

Non Muslims could pack some best delicacies during the day time to eat in private and then join the feast in the evening till late night. Hotels, including five stars, mid-ranged hotels, and restaurants hold especial feasts serving renowned Arabic and other cuisine that you can taste upon. And a second main point here to make note of during Ramadan is that movie house and other live recreational programs remain unavailable during the fasting period and can be enjoyed in the evening. Even so, shopping centers, water parks, supermarkets do open even during the day. Thence, to get all this and more grab a reasonably rated Dubai flights offers and book cheap flights to Dubai this Ramadan to be a part of this major celebration month. 

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