Planning a Honeymoon in New York - Information You Must Have

Honeymoon is a time for which we all have special plans. It is the time to relax and get romantic. There are hundreds of destinations all over the world that are quite popular among newly married couples. But if you love a fast-paced and glittering lifestyle then New York City is the perfect choice to spend those memorable moments of your life. If you are planning a honeymoon trip to New York then it is must for you to have some important information in hand before landing in the city. The first and the foremost information is about New York flights offers. As now-a-days there are so many airlines that offer flight services to New York but what is more fruitful is looking for some cheap flights to New York so that you can save some extra penny to spend on the leisure.

It is always advisable for every traveler to have important information about that particular destination before making a trip. It will not help you in case of any emergency but is also useful in knowing the city in a much better way. Being a globally recognized destination, New York is thronged by millions of visitors every year. That’s why the city provides a plethora of accommodation facilities for its guests. So before landing in the city search for the particular hotel, luxury or budget that perfectly suits your budget limitations. Another important thing to know about is the weather of the city. New York City has a humid continental climate with warm summers and cool winters. So pack your luggage according to the season. Banks and moneychangers are easily available in the entire city. Banks normally operates from 9am to 4:30pm or 5pm (Monday to Friday). The most important thing which every couple must know is about the travel documents. Couples from the United Kingdom do not require a visa for honeymoon trip, though a valid passport and visa waiver are must. Familiarize yourself with the bus and subway networks. It is fruitful to pick a 7-day unlimited Metrocard, which will cover your bus and subway fares. There are some best places in New York that are must see attractions for newly married couples. Keep in mind that most of the restaurants in the city are high-priced especially the top ones. Most of the shops and restaurants in the city accept credit cards so keep them along with you while travelling.

The best plan to hit most of the tourist attractions in New York is through tourist pass. Buy a tourist pass and you will get free access to top attractions of the city. Picking a New York CityPass grants access to nine major tourist spots while “The New York Pass” grants fast-track access to more than 50 attractions. In case of any emergency you can ask locals for help or can approach tourist information center office. With plenty of flights operating daily, it is beneficial to select among
cheap flights to New York. Some of the airlines also provide New York flights offers on special occasions. So keep checking for them also.

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