Pearl of the Philippines: Bargain flights to Manila

Manila, the diverse capital of Philippines, has been invaded and ruled by many different countries and colonies. The city was once under the influence Spanish activity in the 15th century, after which the country saw many Chinese revolts, British occupation, and later the arrival of Americans as well. All these influenced the city and made the city what it is today. Moreover, it added to the urbanization of the city and its development. But sadly, after the Second World War most of the development got devastated. Later, the city was rebuilt to give it the look it possesses today. Manila, the Pearl of the Philippines, is a huge city located on the eastern shores of Manila bay. The city is an interesting mix of colorful variations, which needs to be experienced rather than heard or read of. And to experience it on your own, catch bargain flights to Manila or any of the Cheap flights to Manila and spend some time in this historic and beautiful city.

The city has some very remarkable attractions in the form of buildings and structures. A few of these structures are the remains of the earliest Spanish contacts with Manila, which got lost in the war. One such exceptional monument is the San Agustin church, an outstanding structure that stands tall till now. Intramuros, another interesting section of the city to be ventured, is located in the old sections of Manila or Casa Manila. This site is a reconstruction of the Spanish era noble house. Other appealing parts of the city include the old walled city and Chinatown, where you can see high rising buildings standing side by side of colonial houses, government buildings, beautiful mosques, ornate mansions and so on. Being the largest city in the country, Manila is the commercial as well as cultural capital of Philippines. Certainly, Manila is a major tourist attraction of the country and receives over 1 million visitors annually. Manila is also the perfect host to the stunning views of the sunset. The city possesses many recreational centers, gardens, museums, centers of art and music and much more.
Some of the other attractions of Manila include Tagaytay, a very scenic view of a volcano within a lake, Pagsanjan Falls, and Malate by Night. Moreover, there are many commercial centers for shopping, eating joints, restaurants and innumerable historical landmarks. The city has numerous churches, cemeteries & shrines. There are numerous bargain flights to Manila as well as many cheap flights to Manila, which makes it easy for tourists to reach this lovely city.

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