Cheap Flights to Dubai - Plan Your Holidays During Ramadan Festival 2011

Holidaying in Dubai during Ramadan would be a totally different experience for visitors, especially for the non- Muslim travelers. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar when Muslims all over the World fasts from dawn to dusk. Being a strong Pillar of The Muslim Faith, Ramadan holds special meaning to Muslims and is celebrated with great delight. A visit to Dubai during Ramadan would give you a chance to see and experience the thrills related to this festive season. With numerous Dubai flights offers, you can now be a part of the celebrations in Dubai during Ramadan. Just book with any of the cheap flights to Dubai and get the opportunity of a lifetime to enjoy Iftar fest during Dubai Ramadan.

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city where people from different part of the world live harmoniously. They also bring in their own traditions and cultural heritage, which forms a unique part of Dubai culture. Ramadan is a month long annual event that sees a lot of activities and celebrations in Dubai, enjoyed not only by the Muslims but people across religions and communities. Dubai hosts several Ramadan events, which you could enjoy during your visit to the city during Ramadan. Despite the fact that the timing and working hours of most endeavors gets altered, the fun and excitement that can be enjoyed in the evening makes your Dubai visit during Ramadan quite interesting. You must keep in mind that eating and drinking in public places in Dubai during the day time when Muslims fast in Ramadan is not allowed. But you can always pack your food and eat in privacy, in your hotel room or your car etc. Restaurants remain close during morning hours but open in the afternoon till late in the night and serves delicious iftar meals, with which Muslims break their fast in the evening. Non Muslims can pack these special delicacies during the day time to eat in private and join the feast in the evening till late night. Hotels, including five stars, mid-ranged hotels, and restaurants hold special feasts serving popular Arabic and other cuisine that you can savor upon.

Another important thing to note during Ramadan is that movie theatres and other live recreational programs remain unavailable during the fasting period and can be enjoyed in the evening. However, malls, water parks, supermarkets do open even during the day. So, to experience all this and much more grab a reasonably rated Dubai flights offers and book your flights to Dubai this Ramadan to be a part of this major celebration month.

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